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Reiki recovery, I m a world-class weapon

Reiki recovery, I m a world-class weapon

Reiki recovery, I m a world-class weapon

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    Reiki recovery, I m a world-class weapon
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    Greater southern leaf
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    Mountain Book
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[single female leader + full start + evolution + Reiki recovery] in 2229, the global Reiki recovery. All people can be awakened. The power can become an awakener, and the advanced fierce beast can open the spirit. Heaven and earth spiritual materials and peerless inheritance began to appear. All kinds of opportunities make fierce animals constantly rub with humans, and third-party forces are ready to move. Mysterious forbidden areas around the world began to emerge. Now the strength of a country is not technology, but the number of top powers. After the original animals evolved into fierce animals, their strength rose sharply and harmed one side one after another. As a result, a large number of top powers formed a huge organization: the countries joined by the alliance were controlled by the alliance. Also, because of the huge land area, there are countless low-level powers, and the top powers are also comparable to the alliance, so they are not willing to keep warm with them. Because the territory is extensive, including fierce animals and lack of top powers, when they are about to be forced to join the league, a world-class restricted area: suddenly, a light rushes into the sky from the depths of the restricted area, rises and falls on the edge of the restricted area, which is discovered by the national scientific research team and sent to the National Research Center K city for research. It was a lifeless body, but the heavy armor was tightly fitted. It was more like a cool machine armor, which made researchers unable to start. Even if the most advanced XL light was used for perspective scanning, it only found that there was a normal body in the heavy armor. Until soon, when k city encountered a red alert class a animal tide. The body, considered a relic of an ancient civilization, suddenly stood up from the laboratory. In the startled eyes of the researchers, they walked out of the laboratory step by step to reach the front of the class a animal tide. In his hand, a long knife of normal size gradually solidified into a huge blade

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