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Concrete fruit of pirate

Concrete fruit of pirate

Concrete fruit of pirate

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    Concrete fruit of pirate
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    A lonely man
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    Novel 520
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2021-11-25 05:22:16
This was originally a group of sand sculpture stories. Idiots, road fools, thieves, liars, color batches, Royal sisters, moose, perverts, skeletons... This group is full of unreliable stories however, trapped in reality and stranded on a desert island, Mosuo had to leave through these sand sculptures. Under the smile of the straw hat boy, he somehow became a member of the sand sculptures so I accompanied the idiot straw hat on the journey of becoming king for countless days and nights of regret just before he became king, Moso broke through the red earth continent around the world. At the moment when the four seas converged... ---- he followed the ship in the early stage and made big things in the later stage.