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The old dragon

The old dragon

The old dragon

Rating: 9 / 10 from 38049 ratings
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    The old dragon
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    In the wind and sand
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    Cook Books
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2021-11-26 14:06:37
This is the edge of waste land, the barren old world the master of dangerous species is the leader and pillar of human beings in the world, and the Dragon species is an extremely powerful one among countless dangerous species. However, Su Huan, who has been inherited by the new world, has mastered the mystery of making all biological dragons. He is called the master of Dragons dense forest lizard + dragon blood vine + black evil grass juice + dense forest dragon ceremony = dense forest lizard black Viper + black flame crystal pith + black water Jiao sloughing + black water pond dragon turning ceremony = water fire Jiao Pan Sha scale Python + Sha long stone + Ya long inverse scale + Ya long spine + Ju Sha ancient land dragon ceremony = Gu Sha snake dragon Blue frost ice dragon + ice soul marrow + dragon soul + snow monster's hard work + dragon melting ceremony in extreme cold zone = ice and snow dragon when the afterglow of the old day falls on the scorched earth of the new world, the dragon master controls the real dragon to soar in the sky (readership: 714614283)

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