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Dao Jun and Dao Zu

Dao Jun and Dao Zu

Dao Jun and Dao Zu

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    Dao Jun and Dao Zu
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    What is unique in life
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    Daily Novel
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2021-11-25 13:01:18
The universe is vast, the heavens are boundless, the stars are endless, and hundreds of millions of races sunrise and sunset, flowers wither, flowers bloom, birth, old age, illness and death are natural Shenlong star, an ordinary planet just equivalent to tens of billions of earth size, is a group of friars with excellent qualifications, high understanding and bad luck. For the dream in their hearts, they constantly cultivate and become stronger and strive to move forward the earth is just a piece of debris falling from a Xiuzhen star "Shenlong star" in the "mayfly world" of the lowest world. The universe that people on earth can observe is the "debris universe" formed by the debris falling from the world where Shenlong star is located the dream of all monks is to soar to the divine world and eventually to the fairy world, just to change their destiny, get a longer life and seize a glimmer of vitality under the heaven. However, even if there are none of the trillions of qualifications, top skills and good opportunities, the outcome of the vast majority of gifted friars is still death Liu Ting, the female Dragon Star monk, has an extraordinary teacher, obtained the top skill and supernatural power, and her strength is far higher than that of the friars at the same level. But from a young age, he was low-key and calm. He never showed the limelight against the sky and the ground, and has been working hard in silence. Zhao Xin, his disciple, was equally gifted. He grew up from naive living wave to steady behavior. He followed the steps of the master all the way until he ascended to the fairy world.

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