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Eighteen years of legendary wave

Eighteen years of legendary wave

Eighteen years of legendary wave

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    Eighteen years of legendary wave
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    Fan Jia
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-06-16 06:42:51
[won the winning prize of the fifth online literature competition on realistic themes] after 2000, China's Internet began a new round of wealth making movement because of the rise of online games. In this wave of times, many richest men, hundreds of billionaires, and countless multimillionaires and millionaires have emerged in different years eighteen years of gold hunting dream. From a small southern city to Pingjing, Su Qingyue started as an ordinary department manager. He also experienced love and hatred, burning incense and kowtowing, cutting his robe and breaking his righteousness. He walked on thin ice and trembled, and finally became a top rich his story is as wonderful as the great era of Hong Kong opera, even better than the great era this article covers the inside story of game production and distribution, market public relations, operation activities, sword and sword shadow in the capital market, crazy mergers and acquisitions, gambling agreement, landing on NASDAQ and many other contents the actual combat cases and heartfelt reflection in the article also have extremely important enlightenment for readers who are about to enter the workplace this article is purely fictional. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental legendary wave group: 596267648

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