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Rain and fog Jiangnan

Rain and fog Jiangnan

Rain and fog Jiangnan

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    Rain and fog Jiangnan
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    Storm 118
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    Cool Novel
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2022-09-05 05:23:20
The South Bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River is a plain, and further south are hills. There is plenty of rain, and many days of the year are wet and foggy the eighth volume "Moonlight Princess" will be launched one after another. The female owner suffering from eye diseases in this volume was born on the North Bank of Dajiao lake, the hinterland of Jiangnan and central Anhui. On weekdays, the world in front of her is only a vast expanse of white; Only in the melting moonlight can she see the world. Later she married to Jiangbei. Because of her poor conditions, she lived a miserable life after marriage after hearing about her situation, Wei Si, the male leader who had helped her a lot, took a boat downstream from the mountains on the South Bank of Dayao lake to find her trace... who knows, after returning, Wei Si, who had been injured by accident and had a disability but strong will, gave up his struggle with fate and slept in the mountains not long after that, the female owner could not bear the torture and moved back to her mother's house. She often stands by the lake on a fresh night, listening to the gurgling sound of water and looking south with the help of the bright moonlight. She said she found that Wei Si had turned into those mountains: he was huge, lying on the South Bank of the lake, and the facial features and upper body were so similar to his original appearance tragedy is the destruction of valuable things for people to see (Luxun language). This volume slowly interprets the tragic tone of life through realistic writing. What needs to be clarified is that if women are the source of tragedy, then men are the carrier of tragedy I often toss and turn in writing for fear of polluting others' audio-visual. Strive to develop both literary talent and responsibility.

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