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Flower flame

Flower flame

Flower flame

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    Flower flame
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    It's an angel
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    Wine Novel
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2021-11-25 11:43:38
On the western continent, there are two races, one is human, the other is ghosts who feed on human beings human beings have fought with ghosts for tens of thousands of years and defeated ghosts through wisdom and courage, but this defeat seems to be only a superficial phenomenon ghosts disguise as human beings and mix with human beings. Except that their blood is black, they are almost the same as human beings. Ordinary people can't distinguish them at all. Therefore, they have become the objects in the belly of ghosts but there is such a group of people in human beings, called seven people they can smell the stench of ghosts, which is disgusting the seven people bear a mission. Their responsibility is to find the ghost and tell the persecutor the responsibility of the persecutor is to kill the ghost Yi Lei was born in a family of six on the farm. The whole family lives on farming her family seems ordinary, but there is a huge secret hidden. They are fugitive families an accident made Yi Lei bid farewell to the happy past on her birthday night and saw her favorite family sacrifice. The 16-year-old girl who grew up overnight, with her two six-year-old children left by her brother, embarked on the road of looking for her brother who disappeared six years ago and killing ghosts in this dangerous world. Yi Lei continued to grow up on her journey and met many friends, More and more powerful one day, she also became an excellent persecutor.

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