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Not alone

Not alone

Not alone

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    Not alone
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    Distant Lujia Bay
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2021-12-30 12:37:04
A thousand years ago, the Tang Dynasty perished, and princes everywhere established themselves as kings and ascended the throne. The most chaotic period in Chinese history was the period of Five Dynasties and ten states in the Southern Han Dynasty, where Guangzhou was the capital of the country, Chen Jingze, a loyal minister, was killed. His daughter Chen Yuanshu and son Chen Zhongxuan narrowly escaped death and survived. The story focuses on the Revenge of the younger brothers and sisters. They are in great danger and have been poisoned many times. Fortunately, with the full help of martial uncle Jingming and martial aunt Yueming, as well as the concerted efforts of banbaizi, Zhou lengxin, Wei Zhijie and Huang Wei, Finally, the tyrant Liu Sheng was forced to die step by step however, they thought that after revenge, the Empire would prosper and the people would be healthy. Unexpectedly, Liu Ying, the son of Liu Sheng, who succeeded the throne, was also a wild tyrant. In the Southern Han Dynasty under his rule, he collected excessive taxes and levies, coupled with natural disasters, the people were in dire straits and starved corpses everywhere. They began to understand that killing an emperor for revenge alone could not cure the root cause. Therefore, they saw the general trend of the times. The small Dynasty regime of land division has declined and will perish. At this time, Zhao Kuangyin of the Song Dynasty had established a country in the Yuan Dynasty, based on the rule of benevolence, loving his son and the people, which was deeply loved by the people, and rebel forces all over the country defected one after another. Those who win the hearts of the people win the world. Only by following a good emperor and unifying the world is the happiness of the people and the world. Therefore, at the critical moment when the song army stepped into the Southern Han Dynasty, Yuan Shu and others finally made a choice that was in line with the will of the heaven and the will of the people in 971, the song army invaded Guangzhou. The last small imperial dynasty perished in the Southern Han Dynasty. Since then, the world has been unified.

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