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Great detective of the early Song Dynasty

Great detective of the early Song Dynasty

Great detective of the early Song Dynasty

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    Great detective of the early Song Dynasty
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    The seventeenth day of the twelfth lunar month
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    Day Books
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2022-01-14 07:30:23
In the first ten years of the Song Dynasty, the Five Dynasties returned to the Song Dynasty, but there were still the northern Han Dynasty, the Southern Han Dynasty, the Southern Tang Dynasty, Wu Yue and so on Zhao Kuangyin, the brilliant emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, is about to say the heroic words of "how can others sleep on the side of the bed"; Chen Tuan, a sleeping immortal who ignored the world, was drunk on the top of Huashan Mountain, but wanted to find a disciple to join the world; Princess Meng Shu, who was wandering after the subjugation of the country, was bent on restoring the country and revenge, and did not hesitate to be reduced to GouLan tile shop... Li Yi, a criminal policeman in his previous life, was forced to be involved in this magnificent situation in the early Song Dynasty. Through his superb criminal investigation means, he solved one strange and difficult outstanding case after another and became the first smart man in Zhaozhou the strange corpse of a man whose back brain was opened in the mud, the kind-hearted flower leader who died strangely in Miaoyu Pavilion, and the suspense murder case hidden in the poem "Xiake Xing"... we don't copy poetry, plug-ins, and technology trees. We can still cross the Song Dynasty with our mind alone!

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