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I can cross the second dimension

I can cross the second dimension

I can cross the second dimension

Rating: 9 / 10 from 35422 ratings
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    I can cross the second dimension
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    My name is Zhang Zhi
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    Mp3 Books
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2021-11-26 13:18:22
(the novel is still in serial, please rest assured to follow up) by chance, Zhang Zhi found a super long serial animation - "Naruto" in the computer. Then, Zhang Zhi found that he had the ability to cross the second dimension "there is no ninja in the world. Chakra is all fake!" after Zhang Zhigang finished, Naruto ran out of the kitchen, "brother, nine lamas want to eat roast whole sheep!" "I tell you, children who stay up late will have ugly black circles like Nezha!" after Zhang Zhigang finished, Nezha chased Zhang Zhida with a sharp gun "You talk about my dark circles again!" "I tell you, the monkey king is actually malnourished because he is picky about food." "bang!" a stick flew past Zhang Zhi's ear, and the monkey king roared, "you are picky about food! Your whole family is picky about food!" this is a story that goes back and forth through the two dimensions and reality through the system. reader fan exchange group: 648730303 (Huoying, Nezha, Da Sheng... Infinite animation stream)

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