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Debris flow reborn in the Three Kingdoms

Debris flow reborn in the Three Kingdoms

Debris flow reborn in the Three Kingdoms

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    Debris flow reborn in the Three Kingdoms
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    The great heaven of the Xuan dome
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    Free Trial Novel
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2021-11-25 05:21:58
Thief, God doesn't play cards according to the routine! Jie Ge, who wanted to save Ah Wei, unexpectedly took himself in and passed through the Three Kingdoms at the end of the Han Dynasty on the great plain, two strange looking armies confronted each other. Sun Jie rode on a white giant elephant with a bald head, and behind him were tens of thousands of cavalry riding tigers, bears and elephants "Ah Wei, surrender. I guarantee you won't lose the throne. You and I are all from across. Why bother each other." the young man opposite is dressed in red Xuanjia, holding the square sky painted halberd, riding a hissing red rabbit horse, and tens of thousands of heavy armor cavalry behind, all well-equipped and gorgeous, with bright silver guns "bah! You cut your hair and shave your head for unfilial reasons. You call yourself a God for disrespect. You openly rebelled against me for injustice. I... Have never seen such a brazen man!" the king of beasts who can resist all beasts and the threat that money can buy everything in a mysterious store. Let's see how they stirred up the situation in the late Han Dynasty!

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