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The heavens begin with babies

The heavens begin with babies

The heavens begin with babies

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    The heavens begin with babies
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    Half eat, half house
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    Passion Novel
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2022-06-27 07:12:13
Li Kuan crossed became Li Shimin's second son just born originally, he thought he had entered the history channel, but when he crossed, he took the golden finger that can cross time and space, but he kicked into the door of science fiction when he accepted the golden finger and prepared to use the golden finger as capital to cross the sky, a memory in the depths of his mind that he inadvertently recalled caught him off guard according to historical records, King Kuan of Chu, who lived in Wude for three years, became king AI of Chu and became a flea focus, flea Hong flea Hong means premature death, that is, premature death in other words, after three years of Wu De, he was adopted by Li Shimin to the name of King AI of Chu, he was going to die and this year... is the second year of Wude Li Kuan recalled that he had glanced at the new Tang Dynasty book. After the record of Li Kuan, king of Chu, the whole person was going to collapse however, this is not the most collapsed thing What's more, when he was ready to use the golden finger to rescue himself, he found that the golden finger clearly showed that he was searching for the plane, and the minimum search time was expected to be three years... PS: at present, he has determined to cross the world Harry Potter, Naruto and pirate king (the time is uncertain, and the order of appearance is uncertain!)

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