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Xu Zhizheng Chuan

Xu Zhizheng Chuan

Xu Zhizheng Chuan

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    Xu Zhizheng Chuan
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    Yangchun XC
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    Only Novel
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2023-03-27 05:38:03
In 907 at the end of the Tang Dynasty, Zhu Wen abolished the Tang aizong and established himself as the emperor and the girder of his country. After Zhu Wen became emperor, the world was in chaos. Powerful vassal kings everywhere dominated one side and did not recognize Zhu Wen's throne. Some other vassal kings held high the banner of crusading against the rebellious Zhu Wen, and constantly fought with Zhu Wen, a metaphor for Li Cunxu, king of Jin. There are also some vassal kings who recognize Zhu Wen's status. On the surface, they are courteous and disobey Zhu Wen, the emperor Taizu of the Liang Dynasty. In fact, they are expanding their power and do not listen to the dispatch. There are also bandits everywhere who take the opportunity to become rampant. Coupled with the fighting caused by the mutual expansion of various forces, the world is in dire straits and the lives of the people are ruined here is the history of one of the countries. This country is called the state of Wu and later called the Southern Tang Dynasty. Although the country eventually perished, few people know his history. Here we light his history to the world and let people know him. From a historical point of view, whether in terms of war or culture, the Southern Tang Dynasty is worthy of in-depth study by future generations.

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