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Lol: I m the trickster king of the league

Lol: I m the trickster king of the league

Lol: I m the trickster king of the league

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    Lol: I m the trickster king of the league
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    Tianhai lantaro
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    Bestcar read
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2022-07-06 06:47:58
Lin ran crossed the parallel world S10 and became the substitute assistant of Ig in this world line, the Ig after S9 has not lost Jack's love, but king lanning chose to leave Lin ran made a successful start and faced S9 world champion FPX in the opening game everyone thought Lin ran would be destroyed but unexpectedly, Lin ran awakened the king of trickery system before the game. As long as he tricked in the canyon, he could make his five people stronger therefore, Ig set off a bloody storm full of laughter in LPL there is also a genius in the Anchor world who enjoys food from heaven point fruit on the top of the Dragon pit, blow up four teammates and send theshy down alone - cast the God of theshy down to earth with a hammer of 5.0 punish Thain for his assistance, steal the big bird and red at the beginning, and leave a bird for him - forcing him to fight against the wild and turn the opposite wild into a hunger strike go out and don't buy equipment with Lao song. They both dance a tap dance in front of the tower on the middle road - Lao song returns to the realm of land immortals and kills three roads alone assist the troll to eat Jack's sports car with Q, and always push him with a big column - forcing Jack to love EZ, force E face and double kill the other side Miller: tricky is really a living treasure. He has the mentality of nine people on the court on his own Doll: I said Lin ran was the lucky star chosen by heaven. Should no one object? Every time you play tricks, something good will happen Senior Colonel Guan: it's really not my milk. Ricky, he definitely came against me on purpose. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence remember: under the command of Lin ran, this Ig is harmonious and strong. I have foreseen the rise of the Jizhi dynasty!

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