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Jedi survival Almighty gun king system

Jedi survival Almighty gun king system

Jedi survival Almighty gun king system

Rating: 9 / 10 from 35373 ratings
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    Jedi survival Almighty gun king system
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    Broad way of life
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    Famized book
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Lin Chen bound the omnipotent gun king system when delivering takeout Ding! Congratulations to the host on completing the system task. Bonus 88888 ~ Ding! Open the treasure chest and congratulate the host on obtaining the m416 mastery card ~ Ding! The mission of the Bureau was released, killing the chicken anchor on the shark platform and rewarding a first-class treasure chest ~ ... since then, there has been a legend in the Jianghu that except for the guns that have not been made, there is no Lin Chen who can't use them a shot at a chicken makes a God. Lin Chen is not human at all Eternal God, Almighty gun king, Lin Chen brother Lin Chen, marry me ~ brother, I want to eat takeout and order everything ~ ... PS: this book is a small white text, system and hot-blooded game. It is updated and stable. Officials and people move forward quickly!

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