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The rise of the Argentine Empire

The rise of the Argentine Empire

The rise of the Argentine Empire

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    The rise of the Argentine Empire
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    Baichuan purple bamboo
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    Cool Novel
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2021-11-25 17:46:39
In the 1950s, for the survival of the race, the revitalization of the nation and the rise of the country, seized the opportunity of the third industrial revolution, founded companies, joined political factions, became the tide of the times, intervened in the military and Politics, reformed the country and ascended to the throne of president fight against Brazil, kick the English channel, punch the United States, become the world's fifth pole and interpret the road of the rise of a great power after the cold war, under the shadow of two superpowers, how can Argentina rise and stand among the world's countries this is a story of a small Argentine figure who is climbing to the top step by step people often say that America is too close and heaven is too far away.

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