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I became king in the Western Zhou Dynasty

I became king in the Western Zhou Dynasty

I became king in the Western Zhou Dynasty

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    I became king in the Western Zhou Dynasty
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    Stupid beast Ben stupid
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2021-11-26 16:09:44
In 1046 BC, King Ji Fa of Wu led his army to attack Zhou and severely damaged the Shang army in the first World War in Muye. So far, the world changed its masters and China entered the Western Zhou era however, in 1043 BC, Ji Fa, who had just ascended the throne for only three years, died of illness, so the world shook. People thought that the destiny had abandoned the Western Zhou Dynasty. The survivors of the Shang Dynasty rebelled, and there were few responders at the most critical time of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Duke of Zhou stepped forward, appeased all officials inside and calmed the rebellion outside. Finally, in 1040 BC, he conquered the last anti Zhou stronghold of merchants, the state of Yan, and stepped on the body of the state of Yan to establish the state of Lu the survivors of the state of election fled south and North, and were scattered in four places. One of the most important branches went all the way south, finally crossed the Yangtze River and re founded in Jiangnan at this critical historical node, a graduate student from the History Department of the 21st century became the head of a tribe of the survivors of the election country. Let's see how he led his people to cut through difficulties and rebuild their homes in the south of the Yangtze River. Finally led the Northern Expedition and conquered the Central Plains book friends group: 832994445. You can add it if you are interested.

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