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The end of the world begins with the king

The end of the world begins with the king

The end of the world begins with the king

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    The end of the world begins with the king
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    Flying flower by leaf
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2021-11-25 18:02:56
In the 24th year of Tai'an, Zhao Yanxun became the prince of the Jin Dynasty, but he learned that the end was coming "the end of the world? Come on, where did the end of the world come from in ancient times!" there was no time to think about this problem. The failure of the predecessor to seize the throne led to his imminent king, and he was driven out of the capital by the courtiers whose script did I take? Fuwang? King Qin? Yan Wang? Or... "the emperor's surname is Zhao, and our Lord's surname is Zhao, but the Yellow mouth child is the emperor, and our Lord can't do it?" "the Lord's destiny is to enter the capital and take the throne!" "the former emperor granted the Lord the crown prince, and the throne should have been the Lord, and the capital is a puppet emperor stealing the country and disorderly politics!" all the rites and music expeditions came from me, Only name and device can not be dummy with the system in place, Zhao Yanxun has created his own era... the author's third book, the ancient version of survival at the end of the world, please support it I have finished this book "Royal Blood Route".

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