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Global beast: I can see the potential value

Global beast: I can see the potential value

Global beast: I can see the potential value

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    Global beast: I can see the potential value
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    Jiang Bai asks Jiang Chou
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2022-08-27 06:01:04
Young Jiang Li has a special talent to see through the potential value of spirit beasts. In other people's eyes, he is a garbage pet without characteristics, but in his eyes, it shines with all kinds of light with this unique talent, he picked up leaks everywhere. By reselling a pet with great potential that others don't look up to, he has accumulated a lot of resources and moved towards the road of being the strongest animal envoy step by step warrior system: [serious injury] serious injury. The more serious the injury, the more fierce the attack summoning system: [summoning] after the summoner dies, roughly summon the same type of higher-level Summoner mountain and river system: [mountain and river / hometown]: exotic animals bred by famous mountains and rivers. The closer they are to their hometown, the stronger the attribute increase is / when the hometown is destroyed, the whole attribute is tripled, turned into a spirit and ignored the physical attack, Death after killing an opponent Myth: [legend]: one's own ability changes according to the number of believers war - Soldier: [fierce general] doubles his attack power and triples his serious injury characteristics war - Sky: [cruise] summons the Dahe fleet to attack (there are twenty-four families in total, and their characteristics are similar to the binding effect of self-propelled chess)

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