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Crazy, you call this iceberg President

Crazy, you call this iceberg President

Crazy, you call this iceberg President

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    Crazy, you call this iceberg President
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    Good water in the world
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    Qishi Book
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2022-11-23 21:41:33
On the first day of work, Li Lang ate in the canteen at noon. Li Lang prepared two exquisite fried dishes himself. As a result, she was rubbed by the female president of gaoleng Yang Xier: I forgot to bring my meal card today the next day, the third day, the fourth day... The nth day Yang Xier: sorry, I often forget to bring my meal card. The new meal card hasn't been charged yet Li Lang: President, the company can't accommodate me. Shall I charge you 100 three months later, Li Lang became a regular after work, when Li Lang was riding an electric car to leave, Yang Xier was wearing a white skirt and sat in his back seat under the attention of the public Yang Xier: I forgot my car key Li Lang:... a year later, Yang Xier, who could no longer bear it, grabbed Li Lang's collar: "you wooden man, you have to force me to confess to you? Well, I'll have a showdown. In fact, I'm greedy for you."

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