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Flat sky side

Flat sky side

Flat sky side

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    Flat sky side
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2022-06-23 20:54:57
There are stars shining in the world, and there are more dazzling stars, which can not be seen by ordinary people because of the obstruction of mountains and rivers; There are Ailanthus altissima towering into the clouds and falling in the mountains. It takes 8000 years as spring and 8000 years as autumn. There are also Jianmu Yin and heaven, flowers and plants, hanging dragons and birds as bridges to communicate with heaven, earth, people and gods; Some people hold rivers and mountains, are impassioned and fierce, and attack Fang Qiu. Others are hidden in the market. Although they are beside the emperor and saints, they are virtuous and clear about the people, rule the country, and finally leave gracefully, which is unknown to the world in the world, there are always people standing in front. They may die in battle, or call themselves king and Emperor. They always leave a masterpiece for future generations. However, there are always people standing beside these people. They don't know when they will come, stay or early. Maybe there are such people in the world in the future, and our story is the story of such people.

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