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Samsara of the heavens

Samsara of the heavens

Samsara of the heavens

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    Samsara of the heavens
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    Golden Palace
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    Garden Novel
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2023-03-31 23:16:50
The first World: the dead circle of time Introduction to the world: on the devastated land, the devil's descendants are unscrupulously slaughtering all living beings the blood will bloom like a rose. Stray lambs, use your blood to awaken our omniscient, omnipotent Creator the third world: extraordinary steam world Introduction to the world: steam, vast sea, science and technology, magic medicine, sequence... every progress in science and technology is a progress standing on the powder keg. If you are careless, the whole civilization will be reduced to ashes God's gift has brought vitality to this land, but it has brought destruction to this land it is said that every 10000 years, the fire of civilization will be lit again... now... 9357 years have passed if you can't go any further, all you have to wait for is death!!

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