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Boundless Shang Emperor

Boundless Shang Emperor

Boundless Shang Emperor

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    Boundless Shang Emperor
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    Like drunk cold autumn
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    Apple novel
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2022-05-14 17:02:38
Rong mu, the merchant's son who was selected in the examination, just got the order of appointment, and fell into the quagmire of the Wanshan Dynasty. He also offended yuncangzong, a mysterious organization in the rock continent. In the siege and interception of the royal family, civil servants, generals, dignitaries and yuncangzong, he had to be busy coping with it while immersing himself in developing his own strength who says nothing is a scholar, who says mercenary is a businessman I, rongmu, let the people of the rock continent know that I am the strongest person what the rock continent is only in a corner. What other powerful continents, OSA and Cayman, are both staring at the rock continent at the same time it turns out that the once overlord Zhongyu Dynasty here has not only developed science and technology, but also splendid culture, but also the art of longevity that makes everyone crazy joke, birth, old age and death are the way of reincarnation in the world. There is no art of longevity in this world!