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My flourishing Entertainment

My flourishing Entertainment

My flourishing Entertainment

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    My flourishing Entertainment
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    Two and a half catties a meal
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    Health Books
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2022-04-21 19:01:48
Through the parallel time and space of Qinchuan, he became the lead singer of the past band at a time when rock and roll are declining and pop music is rampant, where should he go follow the crowd, make pop music, or stick to your original heart and keep rock and roll alive if you don't forget your original heart, you can always get it with the help of the band and the rock and roll generals, Qin Chuan walked an extraordinary road with his feelings the birth of a legendary band and the rise of an entertainment empire the reading threshold of this book is slightly higher. Xiaobai readers are not knowledgeable enough. If they think feudal, they are not recommended to read it otherwise, it is highly toxic and I am not responsible this is an old entertainment novel, which is loved and supported by too many old readers there is no system, no decathlon, but there are super cool plots, unique commercial designs and super compelling music sharing certified by many old readers, it is logical and tastes very good. Welcome to the pit.

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