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A sharp soldier rushes into the sky

A sharp soldier rushes into the sky

A sharp soldier rushes into the sky

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    A sharp soldier rushes into the sky
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    Exotic fragrance
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-05-14 20:16:43
Such as Qixian Road, disaster, thousands of machines, Vientiane kill a humble youth, who will not change his blood, will be as determined as a pawn and rush into the sky against the trend this is a mysterious starry sky where gods compete with each other, fighting everywhere, killing endless, and ancient mysterious traces over the years, countless Tianjiao wizards have attempted to counter attack and break the net without exception, and the mirage has been empty over time, giving up the free and unfettered fairyland and converting to the totalitarian Shinto has become the indisputable law in the starry sky if the thousand hammer doesn't change lingyunzhi, the hundred robbers will burn the heart of heaven however, after a hundred million years, the humble youth ridiculed by fate again and again ignored the solicitation, committed to immortality and subverted theocracy so under the control of the gods: the treacherous robbing and changing spirit palace and the mysterious soldiers buried in fog and smoke the unpredictable undersea xuandian and the Tu Fu soul tower with blood tide and lotus many dangerous passes and kills are coming I want silkworms to slough off snakes, butterflies to dance and butterflies to rise into the sky I wish to light my sword on the top of the road, kill gods and demons, and walk in heaven teenagers are tit for tat and respond hard a fierce battle between "kill" and "anti kill", here we go!

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