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I have to pit my father

I have to pit my father

I have to pit my father

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    I have to pit my father
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    A few grams
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    Yipin Books
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2023-05-07 00:55:53
It was a turning point for the Northern Song Dynasty to unite the Jin Dynasty and destroy the Liao Dynasty. At this time, the mayor opened his eyes and spread a villain's running dog father my father: "son, my father has paved the way for you. You can worship Taishi CAI (Cai Jing) as your master, marry the beloved daughter of Tong Shumi (Tong Guan), and worship Professor Qin (Qin Hui). Are you happy!" Fang Chang: "pit you!" my father: "Son, the way we climb up is all related to our father. You see, Wang Fu, Liang Shicheng, Zhu Ju, Li Yan (all" six thieves ") and Gao Qiu... Are the favourites of the official family and have a bright future." Fang Chang: "pit you! Pit you!" my father: "Son, we still have shops, thin horses and knees. You can be a dog's leg for Cai Yamen. Our father and son are beautiful." Fang Chang: "pit you! Pit you! Pit you!" For the sake of the people, well, for the sake of fame, choose Keng Dad! whatever you do, Keng dad will be the first. Keng dad will be cool for a while, and Keng dad will be cool all the time. In the whole process, Keng dad has the nature of pit goods, strive to turn the villain dad from a bronze pit into a king, start a dog leg counter attack career, and introduce the great Song Dynasty into a new development direction.

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