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I have a role in the heavens

I have a role in the heavens

I have a role in the heavens

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    I have a role in the heavens
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    Mr. Taisu
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    18ws Read
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2022-09-28 08:22:32
"There are only small actors, no small roles."... What, I'm the first of the twelve Xiaoqiang to receive Bento. That's no good. I want to change the script. I'm the protagonist! " "this time I'm Guo Baokun, and this time I'm definitely not going to steal the limelight of the protagonist fan Ruo!" Guo Baokun hugged fan Ruo and the manager, calmly watched fan Ruo struggle hard and leisurely swallowed the grapes sent by fan Ruo there are amazing swordsmen, magnificent fairies, heroes who play conspiracy, wandering Xiake and all sentient beings here. This is the era of Daming, Jianghu and chaotang!

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