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Five elements imperial energy

Five elements imperial energy

Five elements imperial energy

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    Five elements imperial energy
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    Benevolence oriented
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2023-05-27 02:44:49
Some human beings have some special abilities because of their special physique. According to their external performance, the eastern continent is called the five element imperial power, the Western Federation is called the power of elements, the frozen soil in the north is called divine power, the forest in the south is called witchcraft, and people overseas have the power of blessing or the power of darkness I don't know who my parents are, and I don't know who the protagonist with the ability above the five elements is. Because of an accident, he was noticed and recruited by the staff of the five elements command department. As the five elements can gradually appear, he won the attention of the highest level of the five elements command department, participated in the feat of defeating the conspiracy group of the mainland Empire, and finally learned his life experience, It has become one of the strongest people of the five elements.

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