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Top students in women s College

Top students in women s College

Top students in women s College

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    Top students in women s College
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    God of death
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    Hot Read
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2023-03-16 20:54:25
As a top returnee, the God generation qianniao returned to Fusang and became a high school teacher but on the day he joined the office, he was surprised to find that there were only women in this school "with one's own body, he vowed to resist... Educate women in the world!" with the teachings of the sages of the past generation in his heart, God on behalf of thousands of birds embarked on the road of teaching and educating people without hesitation however, after spending a long time in this school where the outside otaku men are jealous, he found that things are far from as simple as he thought at first urban commercial war, campus love, and changeable human and worldly sophistication are unfolded one by one like a pattern in front of thousands of birds on behalf of God

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