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Everything grows

Everything grows

Everything grows

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    Everything grows
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    Ten yuan coins
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2023-01-24 20:35:30
The story of two strangers from strange to familiar, encouraging each other, growing up and redeeming each other. Taking the two people's common life experience and emotional entanglement as the main line, supplemented by people from other walks of life and natural environment plants in the society, from two people who do not have the courage to pursue the cause they love, do the work they don't like, run around the city every day for their own life, and even do things against their conscience. At the same time, they have made mistakes in the past, Have people you can never face. After some things, they encouraged each other to pursue their dreams, grow up with each other, bravely face their mistakes, finally go out of their comfort zone, make their own changes, boldly pursue the work they love, at the same time, they realized their own self redemption in their mutual talk and common experience. Reflect the growth of all things, harmonious coexistence and common development, build a community of human destiny, and show the story of people from all walks of life struggling, pursuing dreams and realizing their own ideals in the new era.

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