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Start with production professionals

Start with production professionals

Start with production professionals

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5565 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Start with production professionals
  • Author:

    Dongfang Er Tieling
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    Wine Novel
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In the first year of the new calendar, heaven and earth changed greatly, and countless secret places appeared in the sky, sea and land of Yuanxing. The surface area of Yuanxing soared a hundred times overnight, and monsters swept through, making people miserable fortunately, with the help of the knowledge obtained from the secret realm and the power of sudden awakening after the great change of heaven and earth, the Yuanxing people have developed a unique professional extraordinary system, so that the human society finally returns to the right track in 233 of the new calendar, Jiangshan awakened to the special department power [game panel]. Looking at the full 26 occupations in the panel, Jiangshan resolutely dropped out of school and decided to become a noble production professional first and give a hand to his sister's strong road now, four years later, Jiangshan has trained all 26 occupations to level zero and full, and finally decided to break through the shackles and promote to level one "I'll come, I'll see, I'll practice." looking at his full professional luxury panel, Jiangshan said -------- set up a group of book friends, 563293238. Interested brothers and sisters can come in and play ~

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