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The Lord and God must die

The Lord and God must die

The Lord and God must die

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1386 ratings
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    The Lord and God must die
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    Super dumplings
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    Weixin Book
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2022-11-24 20:40:49
In the space of the LORD God, the fate of the reincarnator is like the fallen leaves floating on the pond. It can't control itself. It can only drift with the waves. I don't know when it will overturn under a small spray but there is a reincarnator who lurks in the space of various gods, but his goal is different from other reincarnators his name is Guan Minghui, a man who wants to kill the LORD God -- OK, here is the real introduction. Just look at it above this is an infinite stream novel, but it is not very friendly to the LORD God Lord God a: This is true. I died in the first chapter. I was miserable. I didn't even have a line this is also a novel with a relaxed overall tone. The protagonist focuses on eating more than fighting a bald head: seems to be talking about me? Forget it, it's important to eat this is also a novel without a woman a white hair and a pair a: are you sure someone's right hand: I thought I was a woman finally, ask for collection and recommendation~~~~

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