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Live Wilderness Adventure

Live Wilderness Adventure

Live Wilderness Adventure

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    Live Wilderness Adventure
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    Crustacean ant
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2022-06-17 16:55:50
In the swamp, mosquitoes were flying, and a five meter long alligator was firmly tied to its snout, with fierce light in its vertical pupil. At this time, a young man covered with mud is riding on it. Facing the praise of the audience, he is very low-key "I'm Bi Fang, a professional explorer who once walked on the roof of the world and in the desert of death. I've even singled out the mysterious Amazon. Even world Geographic magazine rated me as the world's first survival master and the king of the wilderness at the top of the food chain, but believe me, it's all false praise..." under the pale red clouds, Bi Fang silently tightened the rope in his hand, Looking at the alligator under him, he finally stopped struggling, took out his hunting knife and killed him from his jaw "today is the second day of survival. I thought I would continue to starve, but now it seems that dinner has been found."

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