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Douluo s peerless ice God

Douluo s peerless ice God

Douluo s peerless ice God

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    Douluo s peerless ice God
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    Eastern eagle king
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    Weixin Book
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(peerless Tang clan fellow humanist) Wei Xuan, a genius for cultivating immortals, got the ancient heavy pupil from the ancient ruins, but was secretly plotted and killed. Finally, he used his secret method to die together with the enemy. But he was reborn because of the heavy pupil. What will happen to him in this new world... rebirth of the sun and the moon, the son of the sun and the moon, the ice dragon shows the world, the heavy pupil startles the sky, subdues the Dragon Emperor and reorganizes the Empire in the extreme north, Huo Yuhao interferes with the ice silkworm plan and the ice emperor changes his master in the soul master competition, the plot of the original work changed. He won the soul bone, bought a carving knife, pressed Shrek, and won the crown of the sun and the moon the big forest of stars helps three eyed golden dragons, the Dragon Emperor presses down on gluttonous food and talks with the emperor... the Mingdu City exploded, and the heavy pupil became powerful. The murderer had nowhere to hide. Huo Yuhao became the target of thousands of people, and Shrek bore eternal fame Shrek city was destroyed and the three kingdoms were destroyed. The divine king Tang Sanmo regarded the rules and intervened in everything the mainland was finally unified, the shackles were broken, and the ice God Wei Xuan was unyielding and rebellious. In ancient times, he played the role of heaven and earth again with the arrival of Wei Xuan, the historical trend has changed. This time, Huo Yuhao no longer has a smooth journey and plug-ins. Tang San can no longer stand high above the world, and Shrek no longer stands high above the world. The mainland will usher in a new ending the protagonist awakens the ancient ice dragon (beyond the existence of the ultimate ice) and focuses on the martial soul in ancient times. His cultivation talent is unparalleled the female owner is tentatively named Snow emperor. It may increase later, but not too much the three concepts of this article are very correct. It is not hypocritical, double marked or virgin. You can rest assured to read it.

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