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Emperor Taizong s growth plan

Emperor Taizong s growth plan

Emperor Taizong s growth plan

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    Emperor Taizong s growth plan
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    Clouds encircle the hillside
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    Mp3 Books
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2023-03-17 16:26:35
The roulette slowly turned, and all kinds of brilliance appeared one by one the golden light flashed by [golden emperor card, Qin Shihuang. Card skills: Yu lie of the sixth generation, shaking the world, sweeping Liuhe, patrolling for immortality and one emperor through the ages] Xiao Cheng's eyes shone with excitement and nodded repeatedly this is good, this is good the wheel continues to rotate another golden light shines [golden training card, star bless Shuhan. Card skill: after use, you can have famous officials Zhuge Liang, Fazheng, Jiang Wei, Xu Shu and Huang Yueying, and no flying Army (Level 3 special army and horse) can be formed.] Zhuge Liang, this is good, that's it unfortunately, the wheel continues to rotate the purple light shines in Xiao Cheng's sight [purple emperor card, Tang Xuanzong. Card skills: Governance of Dazhong, divine strategy, pretending to be crazy, Zhaoxue, old Confucian] Tut, this is OK the wheel still doesn't stop [blue strategy card, hidden sword in fish belly. Card skill: after use, the de listed minister will succeed within one year.] well, this is barely acceptable the wheel still doesn't stop. A moment later, the white light filled Xiao Cheng's sight, and a card jumped out

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