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Global human smaller: I planted gourd baby

Global human smaller: I planted gourd baby

Global human smaller: I planted gourd baby

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    Global human smaller: I planted gourd baby
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    Nine mosquitoes
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    Lava Novel
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2022-09-23 14:25:39
When he woke up, Hu Fei found that human beings had become smaller, his body had shrunk ten times and his weight was less than a kilogram. But instead of being affected, all kinds of animals became smarter and fiercer rats and sparrows have become giants, cats and dogs have become prehistoric giants, and even roosters and geese have turned into Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most important thing is that Hu Feigang has just moved back from the city to the countryside, a place full of animals just when Hu Fei thought he would be bitten to death by a mouse that didn't know where to drill out like the two dogs next door, and then dragged it to the hole for winter food, he found that seven little dolls in straw skirts suddenly jumped down from an ornamental gourd vine he planted boss Hu Xiaohong is extremely powerful, and the heaven and earth can grow to one meter and two old erhu and little orange have strong eyesight and hearing. They can hear and see movements ten meters away old three Hu Xiaohuang is very strong and can break bricks in his chest the old Sihu and the little green can breathe through the flames. They are walking lighters old five Hu Xiaoqing drank a liter of water in one breath and could spray out at critical moments Lao Liuhu and Xiao Lan can be invisible without moving for five seconds old seven Hu Xiaozi is the most powerful! As long as she cries, the six brothers will turn into the crazy devil of protecting their sisters. With each reduction in intelligence, their strength will increase by one Hu Luwa: "shameless monster, return my father quickly!" Monsters: "you scum man, you have so many children!" Hu Fei: "sister, listen to me."

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