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It was invincible

It was invincible

It was invincible

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    It was invincible
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    Night ten dynasties
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2023-03-23 17:31:39
The great power is far away, the road of immortality star is broken, and the cycle of life and death is broken in the starry sky, countless secret places and holy places come out together to kill more and more for strength the descendants of the star and dark Protoss maintain a fragile balance between life and death, but they also hate each other the star pupil is now growing and opening, and the dark eye gives birth to heaven and earth it is said that the star pupil is the key to reopen the star door, and the dark eye is the key to restart reincarnation. There is immortality without reincarnation, and there is reincarnation without immortality ten thousand years later, the star pupil appears in the world, and twenty years later, the dark eye appears in the world the fateful duel between Xingtong and dark eyes becomes more complex and sensitive because Xingtong betrays the star family the star pupil has not only become the hope of those who believe in longevity in the world, but also the target of star Protoss and dark Protoss unfortunately, Lin Ziyuan was born through a fetus. It looks like a family. There are two double star pupils this road is destined to be extraordinary and difficult. He has just known it. It's just some secrets···

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