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Gene seed store 7

Gene seed store 7

Gene seed store 7

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    Gene seed store 7
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    A stone smashing into the sky
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-08-22 11:34:56
During the battle, if the opponent's arms suddenly become sickle shaped and have a row of sawteeth, don't panic. You should immediately pull away and take a mantis shrimp seed< br> Your arms will become two huge pliers and quickly launch a series of air guns with high temperature, amazing destructive power and lightning function< br> what? You like something disgusting? OK, locust seeds? Your throat will quickly accumulate a sticky Brown dirt. Spitting on each other can stink so much that he can't eat for three days do you want to improve your combat effectiveness? Come to gene seed store 7. Do you want to shuttle between interstellar and space debris? Come to gene seed store 7 gene seed store 7 is dedicated to selling gene seeds of all animals. Children and old people are not deceived. However, the customer is only Buxuan in the interstellar world, there are dangers everywhere. In the human world and the soul world, after thousands of years of endless survival wars, who is fueling the flames Where will Buxuan, who has the exclusive purchase right, go with the help of these seeds< br> When all the information gathered in Buxuan's hand, the mystery of the divine war that cut off all inheritance will be revealed step by step.

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