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Weird recovery: I became the last guard

Weird recovery: I became the last guard

Weird recovery: I became the last guard

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    Weird recovery: I became the last guard
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    Bird under the eaves
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    Only Novel
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2023-05-26 13:24:40
During the day, the villagers are amiable neighbors. At night, everything changes. Darkness devours the world and strangeness comes to the world my sister sat on me, staring at me and laughing, as if I were a delicious dish Grandma Li came out of the mirror, stared at me and asked me if I would have dinner the yellow dog in the village looked at me and spit out words. He told me that I was the only normal person in the world day and night are two worlds here. Chen Mo is desperate to cross over. Fortunately, the option box appears in his sight. Make a choice and get a reward: Xuanyuan sword, 89 Xuangong, 72 changes... in this world, people and weird are twins. When Chen Mo becomes the last guard to suppress weird in this world, there will be no weird in the world

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