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Lord: start calling the lotus lamp

Lord: start calling the lotus lamp

Lord: start calling the lotus lamp

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5196 ratings
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    Lord: start calling the lotus lamp
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    Career ah fa
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(the introduction is weak, please contact the text if you have something to do) I wake up and find myself a poor little Baron named Charlie Davis What's more, I'm still a waste wood and can't practice the war swept across the mainland, the gods lived in the kingdom of heaven, and there were things peeping in the abyss in this dangerous world with magic, elves and dragons, Charlie Davis, who just wore more and more clothes, said... wait, let me hang up first "summon innate Lingbao: Baolian lamp" when waving, the seven treasures spray out, the flames burn to the sky, and the power of terror seems to destroy heaven and earth "summon innate Lingbao: Jinjiao scissors" 567: I see. This is actually a sword technique control the scissors with Qi in the dense radiance, the golden light wheel tore a star field in half "summon the Immortal King ยท Anlan" a figure with boundless terror appeared people came first before coquettish words "the top of the immortal, proud of the world, there is me, Anlan will have a day!" ... a few years later, Charlie sat on the throne with a indifferent look, Looking down at the heavens, he said: "I am the only one in the world of the heavens!" in an instant, the voice spread all over the world of the heavens, the stars and rivers collapsed, the great Luo chattered blood, and immortal mourning... PS1: plundering liutianwen PS2: what single female masters are there in this book, but they are just good sisters who love their brother

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