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The ultimate road from the devil

The ultimate road from the devil

The ultimate road from the devil

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9950 ratings
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    The ultimate road from the devil
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    Red notes
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    Qishi Book
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2023-03-18 14:21:06
"It is said that at every magic moment every day, those who catch the chance of light and shadow will have the opportunity to get rid of the physical fetuses, live forever and enter the Shinto!" manong Ye died suddenly from overwork. When he woke up, he became a bear child who brought the world to destruction. He was pregnant with the God making system and held the killing sword migrant workers work hard, brush their experience and silently upgrade, but they have never met an enemy Ye Feng finally realizes a very important thing - he is very strong he despised the colleagues of the new airborne, the Shinto strongman of the ancient family, and the super demons in the blood fog. All of them were cut under the sword by him seven continents vibrate, the four seas reach the sky, and one sword cuts the gods and demons Ye Feng proved with his actions (golden finger) that even if he didn't fight his father, he could surpass the peak of Shinto and become the ultimate existence of the God devil world!

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