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Sailing myth of Pirates crossing into gods

Sailing myth of Pirates crossing into gods

Sailing myth of Pirates crossing into gods

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    Sailing myth of Pirates crossing into gods
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    Light of ten thousand years
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    52weixin Books
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2023-01-24 20:35:50
"Want eternal life?" "then go! Bet everything on the second half of the great route to God." "lo! Lo! Lo! Pirates, set sail!" - shensile this book is inspired by watching the Pirate Queen and is an original work of marine adventure that joins the mythical demon the original works of three major series: strange object shadow, instrument shadow, animal shadow, plant shadow, noumenon shadow and insert [nature, fantasy and dream] Master: two power systems of realm and year, five imperial techniques (three color domineering) the author tries his best to show the power of every character, force and race in his works, such as the clown King (Mingge), situ Yanyue (minggou), demon man (the strongest man with white beard), the sword emperor watching the moon (eagle eye), Nine Tailed Linghu (female emperor), the God of time The four seas Dragon King, even the Dragon Lord, Medusa, the world tree, including the divine beast family, the demon family, the giant family, the elf family, the dark family, the towering family, the Heavenly God Man (the Heavenly Dragon man), the Heavenly Dragon man (the world aristocracy), the God chosen man (the seven martial seas), the ten ancient forces (the four emperors), the strange object shadow family (the Navy), the gate of the world (CP organization), the Shenwei government (the world government) The six apostles (five-star old) and so on. Their gratitude and resentment are vivid in their works. The plots are original by the author and inspired by many places [ask for subscription, collection and monthly ticket!] this book is also known as "the shadow of navigation and martial arts", "the pirate incarnation of navigation myth" (warm tip: the new author, so most of them describe the strength of the characters based on the degree of environmental damage. Please put aside the reality! Fine articles from the perspective of animation.

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