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Who will start with a knight

Who will start with a knight

Who will start with a knight

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2866 ratings
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    Who will start with a knight
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    In xiamusen
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    Wind Book
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2022-04-11 11:32:59
A different world of sword and magic. With the fall of ancient gods, the world order has been newly settled. There are many dynasties and magic technology has taken off. All ethnic groups have ushered in a real era of peace. The mysterious talent tree has become a new world pillar and spread its seeds all over the world in this new era, when everyone reaches the age of 15, they can have a talent awakening through the talent trees everywhere. After talent awakening, they can choose to transfer to various occupations according to their own talent characteristics, so as to touch the power called extraordinary but in fact, there has never been real peace in the world. The quiet years on the surface are just the weight of some people. With the collapse of unknown forces, the ancient terror once came again, the evil energy of extraterritorial invasion, the revived ancient gods, the immortal demons, and the terrorist existence that has been forgotten by people have once again stepped on the stage of history, The chaos in the world rises again, and whether peace can be restored can only be defined by the new generation of professionals... AI Niu: I want to touch the extraordinary power, awaken the Golden Legend talent and become a legal professional. But God seems to have joked with him. His awakening talent is actually through the skill and body talent of Galen, a former game character. With this talent, he was naturally forced to change his post and become a melee professional - holy knight. However, he gradually found that the holy knight seemed to hide some ancient secrets waiting for his exploration.

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