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Ten thousand years of eternity

Ten thousand years of eternity

Ten thousand years of eternity

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    Ten thousand years of eternity
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    Helplessness of love
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    Novel 520
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2023-05-26 12:50:46
After rebirth, Shi Sansheng entered the world to practice. Sunset slope is brave to save the beauty. It's beautiful to meet at the beginning. Join the army, fight monsters, kill the demon clan, and serve the Terran with blood. After entering the temple hall, the whole military headquarters will eliminate crafty and crafty people and return thousands of border officers and soldiers to a bright future. Strengthen the Tao heart in continuous experience and improve yourself in continuous battle. Around us are the descendants of divine beasts, accompanied by gentle and kind-hearted, noble and cold, Sanmei who knows that love is not allowed but still does not give up. Here, there are thrilling adventures and battles. Here, there is a dispute over temples with waves and guiles. Here, there are sentimental and inseparable feelings. Here, there are the beginning of the mysterious evolution history of the four ethnic groups, the chaos of the grand atmosphere, and the Taichu of the unknown.

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