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Biography of Nexus

Biography of Nexus

Biography of Nexus

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    Biography of Nexus
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    Mengbao magic
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    365 Books
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2022-09-25 05:36:34
Chen Kai won the trust of evolution in his sleep. He thought that in his world without monsters, at most, he had one more superpower but... It seems that he will never return to his original home, and it is unknown whether the journey will end "heroes are lonely." "am I a hero?" "do you need to ask?" "I don't know... (this book is not invincible. It will abandon the usual routine of novels and strive for a compact and exciting plot. At present, the protagonist's own world adventure will shuttle through the universe in the later stage. Of course, it will not simply copy the original play. I hope to write this experience: I never know what will happen in the next chapter.)

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