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Little Heavenly Master and fantasy world

Little Heavenly Master and fantasy world

Little Heavenly Master and fantasy world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9563 ratings
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    Little Heavenly Master and fantasy world
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    Wing Qiao Yingshui Palace
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    Famized book
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2023-01-24 21:30:06
My name is ray, no! no No my real name is Lei Ying. I am a newly graduated college student and an orphan. I was beaten to death because I asked the unscrupulous developer for the demolition money of the orphanage I'm very wronged and helpless. I knew I would eat the half pancake in my bag and ask for money. At least I'm a full ghost. In this way, my soul will soon drift away the "family" who abandoned me in the orphanage left a jade pendant in the shape of a "hook" before leaving, which was my only impression of my family. What a sad life but... Yes... The turnaround has come, the times have changed, and the best has come. Well, there are no words the jade pendant took my soul and was reborn into a world of cultivation. Immortals are flying all over the sky. Maybe I can try to learn to take off... unfortunately, the Linggen is too bad and an orphan. Alas! I said this fate... Fortunately, I still have a grandfather in this world, and I am an elder of the first sect and in charge of Scripture books. I can only follow my grandfather to the Jingge to read books every day it's like going back to my study time in college. I didn't dare to go out before because I didn't have money. I dare not go out now because I have no ability and am afraid of being killed the only grandson of the leader broke into the Sutra Pavilion one day and wanted to take away the evil thing sealed inside for thousands of years - the spirit eating pearl in the chaos, I died again and my grandfather died... The jade pendant became powerful again and brought me to a magical world I was born again to the only son of the noble count. From this moment on, my name is ray, ray Teuton I want to live until I kill my enemy for grandpa!

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