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Prince Zhang Jian goes to the ends of the world

Prince Zhang Jian goes to the ends of the world

Prince Zhang Jian goes to the ends of the world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 48870 ratings
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    Prince Zhang Jian goes to the ends of the world
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    Sigh Qingxiao
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    Garden Novel
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2023-01-25 13:28:56
An indisputable good victory is often a later understanding. And the bloody struggle is an experience of joys and sorrows the imperial power of all ages becomes illusory in the twinkling of an eye. The prosperity is exhausted and everywhere is lonely. Guo Mingxuan's hereditary title is so, and Shang Mo's succession to the throne is even more so. Is he crazy about regaining hegemony? Or proud of the horizon kill all the people in the Jianghu, fight few battles, and eliminate sadness Cang Qiong's sword rises hundreds of feet, and ten thousand miles of light cold fourteen prefectures when he grew up, Shang Mo faced the dangers of the Jianghu alone and had to fight the sect leader of Mieying sect, so he left his name and the commander of the royal guards, Ji Gang. Among the lovers, he chose the strange girl Leng Rongyue. They were entangled in love and hate and couldn't extricate themselves how to make a choice in the cold moon with complex life experience? Is to choose to forget in the Jianghu; Or choose to fight this fate? Sigh the world's troubles, sentimental self pity and hatred kill thousands of souls in shadow Town, and Cang Qiong asks for traitors it's even less important to wear military clothes. It's a success today the imperial wind of the four seas is, and the water is clear for thousands of years you see, after the Yan revolution, it is the autumn of Taiping.

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