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Global descent: my second dimensional copy

Global descent: my second dimensional copy

Global descent: my second dimensional copy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 44599 ratings
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    Global descent: my second dimensional copy
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    Per style
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    Passion Novel
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2022-08-05 18:24:55
The apocalyptic game came, and humans around the world were assigned to all kinds of copies zombies, monsters, giants, demons, volcanic eruptions, world collapse... in the face of all kinds of desperate disasters, all players have only one goal to live Xingye Yu was in the midst of crisis. He didn't panic at all and slowly threw out several skills [void gene] [treasure of the king] [cage hand of the Red Dragon Emperor] [star burst abandoning healing chop] with these extraordinary abilities, Xingye Yu realized dimension reduction strike while others were carefully brushing monsters with small pistols, he had opened unparalleled when others finally clicked on the technology tree, he was already familiar with super powers all this is because only Xingye Yu can enter different secondary copies of the system ---------------- at present, the world: implied record of the School Park -- kabaneri in armor City -- guild war -- cut! The red pupil and the crown of sin - guild War 2 - the silent record of the school 2 - the dark bullet and the Holy Grail War

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