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Star dream Square Pendant

Star dream Square Pendant

Star dream Square Pendant

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    Star dream Square Pendant
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    I lost it
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2023-05-27 11:59:46
The illusion of false prosperity will eventually be exposed -------------------- I've been waiting for thousands of years let's light the flame of faith again to complete an unfinished dream those warriors who once had dreams, burn every drop of blood in their bodies with passion, and use the mecha under their seats to wild and tear down the enemies who tried to prevent them from completing their dreams soldiers, charge shout fight don't look back and follow me ---------- they detonate their faith and bring infinite energy until their dream dies they always believe that their dreams will come true one day ------ once autistic and gentle, Lang Lang youth will leap over the boundless horizon with a rapid heartbeat under shinam's wings, he will break through the timidity at the bottom of his heart, gallop forward in the sea of stars, and use the achievements of today and tomorrow to break my anger maybe one day he and his shinam will fall into Yongluo's hell, but the glory of victory erodes his heart in any case, he will bring back the victory of the Empire together with the warriors of the Empire -- the story is about to begin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (this novel is about more mecha, there will be war, otherwise it can't be displayed)

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