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I have a heavy heart to kill

I have a heavy heart to kill

I have a heavy heart to kill

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    I have a heavy heart to kill
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    Go to bed early
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    Health Books
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2022-01-22 08:42:24
A meteor shower changed the world and the life of Zhou Yi the old world is slowly fading away, and the new world is at hand aura is rekindled and strange everywhere< br>…… "Hello, my name is Zhou Yi. as you can see, I have passed through and am now an ordinary social animal. in the wave of Reiki recovery, my mobile phone has changed. it has become a strange thing and integrated into my body. I have not changed, but I have realized that the world is becoming dangerous, treacherous, mysterious and full of challenges. You may not believe it. maybe I used to be eager to wake up naturally every day, marry a considerate beautiful girl's wife and live a peaceful and peaceful life. but now I have a higher pursuit - kill all these ghosts! "

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